From the recording 801 Days

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“On Top of the World”
(originally written to my son Chase who passed away when he was 2 yrs old)

There you sat on the floor crying
Looked at me but still I’m trying
To figure out just what it is
You need, from me
Feeling so alone inside
When you cry your tears
And try to speak but
No one hears anything you say
You say...
All along still I’m learning
To crawl, I walk, I’m running
Turn around
I’m heading up the stairs
You stare..
hey, look at me And then I smile
Looks like I just Climbed a mile
I’m on top of the world.....

I’m on top of the world
Because of you,
Because you put me here
Everything that you do
I can see you And it’s so clear
That you, you are me
And I wish I could be
Just like you

Hey Chase where you going
I sure would’ve liked to know when
You were planning on getting there
I’m still here
I’m feeling so alone inside now
I’m sure that you will show me
How to get through every Day
You’ll say you’re not alone
Cause I can hear you
Reach up so I can feel you
Just close your eyes
And I’ll Be There