1. Son In the Sky

From the recording 801 Days

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“Son In the Sky”

On your way to your home
Two years old, left alone
In the backseat of a car
The water so cold
Out the window went Your only hope
She saved herself But god knows
And he takes away the pain
To the sun in the sky

Somewhere between the
Stars and the moon
I know that I will See you soon
When I close my eyes And thank god
For my son in the sky
When darkness still fallows me
All alone at night Still I can see
Shining bright from above me
Is my son in the sky

I don’t want to die
When I do
I know that I will have you
You’ll be my son in the sky
If I don’t want to be anymore
I know what I will live for
My son in the sky
In the sky

You’ll never grow to be a man
I don’t think I understand
Why you were taken away
To be a son in the sky
You’ll never really be gone
In our memories You will live on
Burning bright for all to see
My son in the sky